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Deal of the Dead is a survival horror card game.

Fight your way through a zombie-infested city to reach the rescue chopper. Rescue survivors, wield weapons, and use first aid kits found along the way. Each deck is randomized and reshuffled as you progress through different locations to ensure a unique play though every time.

The rescue chopper is waiting…

Updated 5 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Survival
Made withBlender, Unity, Audacity, GIMP
TagsHorror, Zombies
Average sessionA few minutes


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Deal of the Dead Mac.zip 26 MB
Deal of the Dead Win.zip 25 MB
Deal of the Dead Director's Cut Mac.zip 28 MB
Deal of the Dead Director's Cut Win.zip 28 MB
Deal of the Dead Director's Cut Linux.zip 30 MB


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Do you have a plan to extend this game? The gun is really fun but it's too short.

I have been thinking about remaking it in the near future...

Incredible Game. BTW, what's the difference between Director's cut and none?

Thank you. :) Director's Cut has a slightly different layout, more cards, and a few bug fixes and improvements.

Probably my favorite coffee break game right now.  Thanks.

The lack of even a written tutorial is definitely an issue. However, the game is fun and intuitively designed. Simple to pick up and master in a few minutes.


Interesting Game!!! But I find hard time to understand the game at the beginning (Need a tutorial), Also Fullscreen. Other than that is good and hard. You can make v2 for the game like new heal item (+1 ever round) and new weapons, etc... Good Work!!


nice game! just discovered it and saw the inspiration from inscryption


What an amazing little card game, that I could play for hours...only downside is lack of options like fullscreen(the window the game is on is a little too small) and maybe a small tutorial...otherwise good game



It was intuitive enough that I got it eventually, which is good.

There does not appear to be a tutorial or explanation of how things work even written up here on the game page, which is bad.


perfect really perfect

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Excellent game and a great concept. It helped me with my Kinemortophobia. 


I liked it! Good Replayability. Wish there was an option for more number of cards to have a choice of difficulty.


Nice refinements you’ve included in the Director’s Cut! It’s short enough to play several rounds in a row, and varied enough that each of those rounds all have different outcomes and levels of challenge.

It’s amusing to me to try to imagine a narrative of the game as I go through the different locations, meet survivors, leave survivors behind or sacrifice them, and so on. Definitely scratches that classic horror film itch I have from time to time. Nice work…! :)


amazingly fun yet difficult


im getting a pathway/ cant find device error when i try to run the directers cut on windows.
looks like a cool idea though.


Coool! Have you seen my card game Zombitaire? There are some really cool similarities and a lot of things that are very different! But Great work!



Nice looking card game! I haven't seen it before. I did consider trying to make Deal of the Deal into a physical game while I was working on it. The random shuffling when changing location to change the odds of drawing different cards was a bit much to replicate with an actual deck of cards. Good luck with your game :)


A simple and addictive game. I really enjoyed it


To much rng


Such a nice concept, but the unforgiving difficulty feels so unfair from time to time. I just had 3 rounds in a row, where I had nothing in my hand, and I was dealt 4 zombies. I get that in the land of zombies that's how it is, but it isn't really enjoyable this way :(


Its a good Idea but it desperately needs a bit of balancing and its a littles short

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cool, but on my very first hand i only had zombies and inevitably died. thought the game was bugged or something. almost gave up the game. good thing i tried again and was able to play a proper round.


Please release a mobile build of this for Android.  I would absolutely buy it!

An Android port would be much appreciated, indeed.



Hi! do you have an email where I could get in touch with you?

johnkuneko@gmail.com :)


This game rules. Would love to see a bigger/fuller version of this (mainly with more settings options and maybe even more cards?) Love the beautiful simplicity of the whole thing.


Thank you very much :)

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cool but I'm stuck? Doesn't look like I'm able to use player against zombies? https://i.imgur.com/mStz7Zf.png

EDIT: oooh, I have to drag the zombies onto the player... i see